Jewelry Repairs & Restauration

We repair all your jewelry in the Miami area! From antique, vintage to modern jewelry in platinum, gold and silver, our master jewelers repair all your pieces.

World Wide Weil Jewelry offers a full service of jewelry repairs for rings, earrings, brooches, necklaces and bracelets:

A stone that is loose in its setting has to be taken care of, that's why we are offering to repair any broken prongs to insure your jewels durability.
Your ring, earrings or brooch may be bent or even broken in half, we've seen it all, trust us, we will fix that for you.

Even the most precious jewel can break, especially if it's on your neck or wrist. With the years, a clasp a link or a string can break. No worries, we also offer necklace and bracelet repairs, from the broken chain to the pearls and beads restringing, we have your back. 

Human bodies constantly change, including our hands. For this reason we will re-size any rings you may have to fit your fingers again. 

The center stone of your favorite ring is scratched? Not a problem, our lapidary/polisher will give it a second life.

Last but not least, broken or not, we will clean your jewelry for FREE! Bring it right in! We will make it look beautiful again!

Please contact us if you have any questions.