Collection: Pearl Jewelry

This is our fine Pearl Jewelry collection! On this page you will find beautiful pre-owned & modern genuine pearl jewelry! Each piece was carefully picked by WeilJewelry to ensure that it meets our high quality standard.

Pearl Meaning & Benefits:

Pearls are the oldest gems discovered. They are associated to Venus (Aphrodite) goddess of Love. A pearl is the symbol of love, sensuality and femininity.

Some say pearl symbolizes the wisdom of its wearer as well as its purity, generosity, integrity and loyalty. Pearls also are believed to attract luck.  

June has a few birthstones, but our favorite one is the Pearl because it is often associated with purity, fertility & wisdom, it makes it a perfect bridal gemstone and an obvious June birthstone gift, set on a necklace, pendant, ring or even a bracelet & brooch, accented with diamonds or other fine stones. 

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