Collection: Aquamarine Jewelry

This is our Aquamarine collection! On this page you will find unique antique, vintage, pre-owned, modern & handcrafted vintage style Aquamarine jewelry! Each piece was carefully picked by WeilJewelry to ensure that it meets our high quality standard.

Aquamarine Meaning & Benefits:

Aquamarine is the blue variety of beryl (think of it like a blue emerald since emerald is beryl too). Its name his made of two Latin words; Aqua wich means ''water'' and Marine whch means ''of the sea''. This beautiful light blue gemstone is believed to have a calming/balancing property and is the unique birthstone for March. It is said to represent hapiness & youth. In ancient times, Aquamarine was used to protect those at sea.

Question: What is the rarest color of Aquamarine?
The rarest and most valuable Aquamarine color is known as Santa Maria (from the Santa Maria mine in Brazil where it was first discovered).
Santa Maria Aquamarines have a unique highly saturated blue hue.

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