Collection: Citrine Jewelry

This is our Citrine collection! On this page you will find unique antique (over 100 years old), vintage (over 20 years old), estate and modern Citrine jewelry! Each piece was carefully picked by WeilJewelry to ensure that it meets our high quality standard.

Citrine Meaning & Benefits:

Citrine is from the Quartz family and ranges from light pastel yellow to dark reddish orange. Like many gemstones, Citrine is believed to have healing and protecting properties. Citrine often symbolizes wealth and abundance and is of the birthstones for November. 

Question: What is the rarest type of Citrine?
Madeira Citrine is the most rare and valuable type of citrine. Madeira Citrine ranges from golden to golden-orange to reddish-brown to brown. Untreated Madeira citrines are fairly rare!