Collection: Opal Jewelry

This is our Opal collection! On this page you will find unique antique, vintage, pre-owned & new Opal jewelry! Each piece was carefully picked by WeilJewelry to ensure that it meets our high quality standard.

Opal Meaning & Benefits:

Opal is one of the birthstones for October. The name Opal comes from the word “upala”, which is the Sanskrit for “precious stone”. Opal is believed to have physical, mental & emotional healing properties. 
This beautiful gemstone is an aggregate of microscopic silica spheres.
Opal shows a phenomenon called Play-Of-Color. Play-of-color occurs when the light entering the opal will pass through the gaps between the silica spheres. When the light passes through it is forced to bend to be able to pass through the gaps. This bending effect splits the light into the colors of the spectrum. The size and arrangement of the spheres have a direct effect on the color displayed.

Question: What is the rarest type of Opal?
The rarest and most valuable Opal is the Australian Black Opal.
It is characterised by a dark body tone ranging from dark grey to black. 
A Black Opal is not all black or dark, only its body tone is. It is due to the presence of iron and carbon oxide trace elements. A Black Opal will always shows beautiful and unique play-of-color.

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